With the world adapting to the reality that COVID-19 won’t be going away any time soon, event planners and event goers are looking for options that will still allow live events to take place safely.

Some options TicketSocket has been working on even pre-pandemic are things like digital delivery of live-streaming events, virtual races and timed-ticketing.

“Due to COVID-19, there are new need sets for our technology. We’re focusing on spacing people out. We’ve been talking to cities like Toronto and Memphis along with helping Chicago devise a ticketing system for its bike lanes.” Our CEO Mark Miller told FUTURSPRT in an interview.

Timed-ticketing is nothing new for TicketSocket clients like MeowWolf who have been using this technology well before the pandemic to help space-out crowds and decrease attraction wait times.

Appointment-based tickets will most certainly continue to gain popularity with social distancing guidelines holding firm. With timed-ticketing technology events will be able to effectively space out attendees and avoid large crowd waves all at one time.

Although many live events have chosen to postpone or cancel for the rest of 2020, the events that have made the decision to go virtual are sure to come out on top.