The events industry was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s just now starting to find some semblance of normalcy — even if our definition of “normal” has changed significantly. Safe in-person events are now vital, whether it’s a large rock concert or small local fair.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises organizers to promote healthy behaviors while maintaining risk-free environments. Their recommendations for gatherings are ever-evolving, and each region has its own guidelines in place as well.

It’s a tall task for event organizers, directors, and other event professionals to remain fully COVID-19 compliant as they effectively implement safety measures and come up with creative solutions on the fly. So, to help get the events industry back off the ground, a handful of businesses have been busy developing innovative services for maximum safety at all types of social gatherings.

Keep reading to learn about easy and effective ways to protect your event from COVID and help you get back to what you do best: creating unforgettable experiences.

4 Easy and Effective Event Safety Measures


Putting on events post-pandemic will take extensive planning and foresight, but it doesn’t need to be rocket science. Here are four simple, innovative ways that event professionals can offer safe in-person events.

1. Implement Cashless Payment Solutions

Cashless events provide numerous benefits to both the attendees and organizers, including:

  • Quicker service
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Higher security
  • Easier reconciliation
  • Direct cash flow
  • Invaluable financial insights

Going cashless is also the safest way to make a transaction. Cash-free solutions minimize human contact, shorten queues, and improve visitor flow. 

The recent integration of TicketSocket and Tappit helps provide a seamless, cashless payment solution for events of all sizes. In addition to contactless payments and mobile pay, Tappit offers cashless RFID (radio-frequency identification), which quickly and easily captures digitally encoded data. RFID requires little to no human interaction and streamlines tasks such as:

  • Managing inventory and supply chain
  • Tracking personnel
  • Controlling access to restricted rooms
  • Identification
  • Preventing counterfeits

RFID also has the potential to boost sales by 5.5% and increase inventory accuracy by 20%–30%.

Another safe option is to use an omnichannel ticketing and payment system. With the Square + TicketSocket EMV-certified Box Office iPad app, event organizers can combine TicketSocket’s ticketing and registration ecosystem with secure and cashless Square payments. This allows attendees to easily purchase their tickets online via credit card or in person via credit card, cash, or Apple Pay, while giving event and venue organizers 100% control of their earnings through Square. 

2. Use Mobile Event Apps to Promote In-App Ticketing and Orders

Apps like Aloompa work with TicketSocket to help you run your events smoothly while significantly decreasing human contact. With Aloompa, you can:

  • Eliminate in-person sales by coordinating in-app ticketing and merch orders
  • Go paperless by offering scannable mobile QR code tickets
  • Limit movement and interaction by providing onsite food and beverage delivery
  • Lower room capacities and cut down on lines by offering reservation time slots for bathrooms and other areas
  • Interact with customers with features like interactive maps and gamification
  • Send out push notifications to inform attendees of important safety updates and up-to-the-second information‌

 Custom apps like Aloompa also allow you to gain real-time insights into customer behavior with actionable data analytics. From an event-goers perspective, if they’re awarded a hassle-free and safe experience, they’ll be quick to book tickets for your next event.

3. Manage Capacity and Control Crowds with Timed Ticketing

One of the most sure-fire ways to ensure your event is COVID-19 compliant is to effectively manage capacity. TicketSocket offers timed-ticketing solutions to allow you to control the timing and flow of onsite arrivals with a fully customizable checkout system.

Similarly, Sched allows organizers to manage capacity for events that have multiple things happening at the same time. With Sched, event-goers can sign up for a specific session ahead of time to guarantee a spot. There’s no more risk of long queues, frequent room-hopping, or dangerously packed spaces.

The Sched and TicketSocket integration means that attendees don’t have to miss out on meaningful interaction despite the new safety measures. They’re able to create their own profile, explore upcoming sessions and speakers, engage in social sharing, and access event materials.

4. Communicate Your Safety Protocols

It’s crucial for event organizers to have select safety policies and strategies in place. After communicating with local officials and developing your event plan, reach out to your venue and vendors to get a clear picture of what protocols they’re implementing. Compile this information in a way that’s accessible to attendees — transparency is key to making them feel comfortable.

Take advantage of a customizable event app that offers built-in notifications and event information. Make your safety messaging front and center on all platforms so guests can understand what measures are being taken and how you’re prioritizing their safety.

Additionally, consider using content marketing techniques to spread these messages far and wide. After you’ve successfully mastered a safe event, show it off through social media and blog posts, highlighting customer quotes and photographs. Remind your followers of what is possible with a little extra care and planning. Cultivating a reputation for safety is what will drive your events forward.

Get Planning With TicketSocket

As an event professional, you know that safety is — and has always been — a priority. TicketSocket and its partners can allow you to make this happen by offering you the tools to provide cashless payments, contactless ordering, crowd control, and clear communication to your attendees.

Our white-label ticketing and registration platform gives you full control of your event without the need to build a completely custom solution. At every step of the way, TicketSocket helps you prioritize your funds, data, brand, and functionality. Our white-label tools, proprietary plug-in framework, and open APIs are leading the way to a new level of safety, interactivity, and customization for the people that make events come to life.

To find out how TicketSocket can help you seamlessly pull off safe in-person events, schedule a free demo today.