TicketSocket users can start generating automated Facebook events with the version of TicketSocket to increase the visibility of their events on Facebook.

Auto-event generation allows any TicketSocket user with a Facebook Page to enable the platform to create Facebook events without manual intervention. Instead of manually entering all the details of an event into Facebook every time, TicketSocket will build and fill the Facebook event based on the information entered into TicketSocket itself. Facebook events will automatically appear under the specified Facebook page, so the event is visible to Facebook page fans and visitors.

Benefits of integrating auto-generation for events include:

Less time wasted on manual elements of marketing: Manually entering event data into Facebook can be time-consuming and eat up resources venues and event managers need. By automating the time and effort involved in the input process, TicketSocket’s event generation simplifies the work that goes into marketing and reduces the busywork in the process.

Increased accuracy: To err is human, but making a mistake while entering an event’s details into Facebook can be disastrous. TicketSocket automatically adds the exact information into Facebook, so there’s no risk of the wrong time, location, date, or ticket price being displayed on social media. In turn, there’s no risk of confused or angry customers or lost ticket revenue.

Greater event exposure: The effort of transferring event data to Facebook can lead to small marketing teams delaying or ignoring Facebook event announcements entirely. With TicketSocket’s automation in place, on the other hand, professional-quality Facebook events will go up without any outside intervention. The result is better event exposure and better attendance.

“TicketSocket provides powerful marketing tools, seamless integration, and expert event marketing strategy to its clients. The recent Facebook Events integration is a small feature with a big time-saving reward that will support event organizers with staying focused on what matters most, providing attendees with a memorable experience.” -Ashley N Cline, EVP of Client Strategy

Combined with TicketSocket’s native white-label ticketing capabilities, auto-event generation on Facebook can help level up event marketing abilities. The new integration makes it easier for people on Facebook to discover events and transact. There’s never been a better time to advertise events and build your audience; TicketSocket makes it easier than ever before to use social media to build your audience, attendance, and revenue with a single integration.

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