Increased demand for cashless payment options has led TicketSocket and Tappit to partner together to provide a seamless, cashless payment solution for venues and events of all sizes.

The TicketSocket and Tappit partnership support all kinds of events.

The partnership offers event organizers the opportunity to consolidate all on-site payments into a single, convenient cashless experience that encourages COVID-19 compliance. Tappit’s agnostic cashless solutions allow event coordinators to choose the right cash-free payment method for their event while still promoting sales through TicketSocket’s customizable interface.

While this will offer ticket purchasers a seamless, comfortable experience, it will also provide event organizers with a low-effort method of increasing efficiency and safety. As the country begins to reopen, finding safe ways to remain COVID-19 compliant while still reopening venues requires innovation. Tappit’s cashless payment solution works in tandem with TicketSocket’s white label ticketing and registration system to allow some of the first genuinely cashless events in history.

Jason Thomas, Global CEO, Tappit comments, “We are delighted to be announcing our partnership with TicketSocket. TicketSocket’s commitment to an incredible fan experience, market-leading technology and providing a great solution for venues and organizers is the perfect match for our cashless solutions. We are proud to work with them to add invaluable data, real-time insights and a safe and seamless way to pay.”

TicketSocket is not new to assisting venues and events with cash-free sales and financial services. Its white-label ticketing system includes integrated box office solutions and a high-conversion mobile checkout that keeps customers on the path to make a purchase.

The TicketSocket-Tappit partnership combines the physical technology of Tappit with the in-depth, cutting-edge software and customization of TicketSocket to create a streamlined solution for keeping events running smoothly and contact-free. Tappit even allows organizers to track individual visitors and their purchases, providing rich, granular data that can be leveraged in future events.

“As it relates to the health of their business, event organizers will want to make sure they have full control of every aspect of their business. This partnership adds another layer of control for event organizers.” – Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket

Empowering venue managers and event organizers with the tools and information they need is the driving force behind TicketSocket’s partnership with companies like Tappit. Event runners have put in the work to survive so far. Now, they can take the next steps to ensure they will reopen safely and efficiently by implementing a cashless, contact-free payment system as the world transitions to the new normal.

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